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Where is the dividing line between North and South Jersey?

Ben Franklin called New Jersey, "A Barrel tapped at both ends" in reference to the state's geography between New York City and Philadelphia. This reference still holds true today.

There is no doubt that the two cities have a tremendous effect on New Jersey. And these influences do indeed meet in certain areas (usually referred to as "Central Jersey"). But by measuring what names locals call a sandwich (hoagie or sub?) to what sports' teams New Jerseyans cheer; this small state has many conflicting characteristics.

Does the state possess a unique culture of its own? Is New Jersey simply a backwater for New York City and Philadelphia? It is questions like these that have caused New Jersey to have its own "identity crisis." So while historically this great state has had to weather being the butt end of jokes from outsiders, it also struggles with itself.

So, can the state find any common ground that may help to unite them and ensure more cultural pride?

Follow Steve Chernoski, as he visits New Jersey's wonderful towns, interviews colorful residents and gets in the middle of town festivals and high traffic areas polling people on the often asked question: Where is the cultural dividing line between North and South Jersey? From Rodeos to Minor League Ballparks, From Boardwalks to Speedways, From Cape May to High Point, see the real New Jersey in, New Jersey: The Movie.


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