Citizens Campaign Writings

Trenton 'Laffs Out Loud' at Monthly Comedy Show

Published in Planet Trenton April 28, 2015


Fisherman as the Barometers of a Healthy Place

"People who are engaged with their land and waters are also active citizens and community assets." April 6, 2015


Let's enjoy area's frozen ponds, assets for wintertime recreation

Published in The Times of Trenton January 15, 2015


Troops to Teachers helps students and veterans alike

Published in The Trentonian December 1, 2014

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Jersey Shore Microbrewery Tour

Posted in Shore Blogs from August-September, 2012


5 Jersey Shore reality TV shows that don't exist, but should

Posted on NJ Shore Blogs on August 15, 2011

They include surfers, lifeguards and Bollywood dancers.…


Why we sometimes drive longer distances to the Shore

Posted on NJ Shore Blogs on August 10, 2011

"I go farther because I don't want to sit next to Yankees and Mets fans when I'm on vacation at the Shore." - a Lambertville resident


NJ surfing legend highlights activism

Posted on NJ Shore Blogs on August 03, 2011

The Jersey Shore is a hotspot for charitable events in the summertime. NJ surfing legend, Dean Randazzo leads the way.…


What do other Americans think of us?

Posted on NJ Shore Blogs on July 28, 2011

An blogger drives across the country to ask others what they think of 'Jersey Shore' and our state.…


Will 'Jersey Shore' become our cultural contribution to the world?

Posted on NJ Shore Blogs on July 13, 2011

The legacy of MTV's 'Jersey Shore' is bigger and might last longer than any of us thought…


The roads that divide us

Posted on NJ Shore Blogs on June 28, 2011

How do Jersey roads -- and Jersey traffic -- determine where you go on the Jersey Shore?…


North Jersey Shore vs. South Jersey Shore

Posted on NJ Shore Blogs on June 22, 2011

Director of the movie about the two New Jerseys dissects the difference between the two shores, and wants your input…


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-Are there any racially integrated towns that last?

Initial findings have revealed only a handful of towns in New Jersey that were historically and consistently diverse - February 2015


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Why do so many East Coasters vacation only North to South? - February 2015


-3D Needs Work, But Could Be The Next Part of NHL's TV Evolution

Published in Puck the Media - March 25, 2010


-Victims & Victimhood

Reflections from a summer abroad - 2006


-Review of 18th Century Eastern European Jewry

Publication of Religion in Eastern Europe - Dec. 2004

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-Dear Grandfather

Published in The Philadelphia Inquirer South Jersey section - March 2, 2004

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